Jul 19, 2019
🏠Judy Slater & John Caye
Bringing Cohousing to Marin

We answer the question 'What is cohousing?' and show why cohousing is a good fit for Marin. We will share the development of our project at 970 C Street in Hamilton, Novato. You can visit our website http://www.marincoho.comand the City of Novato's website for project plans etc… https://novato.org/government/community-development/planning-division/planning-projects/c-street-village

Judy Slater has been an ordained Presbyterian minister for over 30 years working primarily with College students and now coaches pastors, seminarians and others to find their passion in life. She an advocate for affordable housing since moving to Marin and couldn't figure out why she couldn't find housing. She is the Co-Founder with John Caye who is a Program Manager for a large healthcare organization with an education in architecture and construction management. John lived with his family in cohousing for 3 years on the East Coast and has been diligent in searching for land for a project in Marin. They found each other by divine coincidence and having been working together since June of 2015.