June 26, 2020
Vol. 71, No. 38
Peian Harness
In the Beginning…
While Patti Hurst was riding a stationary bicycle, Jorg Puhr-Westerheide was standing next to the Jonas Center, Rene Pradowas sitting in his car, Craig McCurdy finally was back to his office, and Mike Howard was sitting on the beach, President Ron welcomed everyone and started his last meeting of the 2019-2020 Rotary year. 
Tommy Lee led the Pledge and President Ron gave the “Thought of the Day.”
Visiting Rotarians & Guests
There may be more but I only saw Gloria Dunn-Violin on Zoom screen. Welcome!
Member Recognitions
President Ron started the meeting by recognizing members.
First he recognized our new members this year which included : Holly AxtellTonyJoyceMaggie ShaoBrad D.John R. and Lisa A
Recognition of Club Officers for 2019-2020
Reggie Winner is a past president and has been our Secretary during this year. Ron thanked her for her long time efforts and commitment to Rotary and for keeping us all balanced with delicious chocolate chip cookies in both hands!!
Jim Bates stepped up to a very challenging job and was our Treasurer despite his claims that he can’t balance his own check book. Well, it was quite a good year after all the effort you put into it!
Sonia Seeman served as Nova-Ro President and also continued to work on the Jonas Committee. We could always depend on Sonia to keep the details straight.
Sonia also commented on the status of Nova-Ro. They have a 5 year strategic plan in place now, a high occupancy rate, and a secured long term fund. The Jonas Center is progressing well and currently there are some building issues (related to bridge construction). It is 90% complete, but she is not sure when it will be able to open up. She will keep everyone advised.
Craig Anderson served as Director of Club Administration. Since that wasn’t enough, he also served as Chair of our Endowment Board this year. Craig, thank you for coordinating with Margaret Todd, keeping our party beverages at hand, along with hundreds of other details
Shawn Campas was our Director of Youth Services, and coordinated with our San Marin Interact Club. He helped introduce nearly a hundred high school students to Rotary. Thank you, Shawn for your service.
Mike Morrissey is responsible for Club’s “Image & Brand”. He handles the technical details behind our speaker presentations and also produces the Marty’s Moments segments. Thank you, Mike for all of your work and support. 
Mike Morrissey then recognized his team: Bill Vespa for the Rotary Bulletin, Marisa Remak for the website, Penny Hansen for photography, and Shawn Campas & Katie Chase for our Facebook account.
Patti Hurst is our Foundation Chair and has been working on the live auction for the Polenta Feed for many years. On the board, she is level headed and balanced. Thank you, Patti for your support this year.
Patti said it was her pleasure to work with President Ron and thanked all of the members for supporting the Rotary International Foundation.
Phil Dougherty is our World Community Service chair and led the H2OpenDoors trip to Guatemala and another dozen projects around the world.
Phil also thanked all the Committee members, new and old, who have participated in and provided new ideas. He hopes more people will join this Committee and bring great ideas to do good to help other people.
Jim Spilman is our Community Service chair and led this team to support our community with 16 projects during this year. After Covid-19 arrived in Marin County, Jim helped to identify, organize, raise funds, and distribute funds to help our community. Jimis also involved in almost everything else that we do, Thank you, Jim
Jim commented that it was rough at beginning of President Ron’s year, but gets better as it goes. He thanked all committee members for doing great projects.
Christina Stroeh has lots energy and helped the Club get new members. She also provided members with a care package in May which was well received. She will serve as President Elect and will be our Club President in 2021-2022. 
Christina expressed that even with all the challenges and changes, she is having a great time this year. She brings great enthusiasm to our Club. Her favorite event was the Rotary Recital and hopes we can do more to draw in more people to join our Club. 
Past President Jorg Puhr-Westerheide will be released from the Presidential 3 years of bondage so he will be free to do things he likes. 
Jorg thanked President Ron for guiding us through challenging times and now Ron will get the best job in Rotary which is Past President.
Chris DeGabriele is our President Elect and soon to be President. Chris is a long time member, friendly and a thoughtful guy. Thanks for stepping up to lead.
Chris admired Ron’s patience and perseverance for the changes he made.
President Ron then went on to recognize a few other Club leaders.
Past President Larry Harrison who serves as Assistant District Governor and led the effort to select our Pres. Elect for next year.
Bill Vespa, for producing the Big Wheel and keeping us all connected during our Covid-19 recess. 
Bill will serve as the Endowment Chair next year.
Steve Delahunty who managed our Scholarship programs for 25 years.
Past President Gary Bramon who is a huge driver of our growing Scholarship Program, along with being our Speaker Program Chair.
Craig McCurdy who manages our Polenta Feed along with supporting all of our Service Programs
Marsha Molloy, event planner extraodinaire, who plans the Tocalino BBQ, Holiday Brunch along with many other events.
John Cutrufelli who has managed our Annual Car Wash and many other community efforts.
Thanks also to all of the Board Members who serve on the Nova-Ro and Endowment Boards.
Thank you everyone!
Introduction of Club Officers for 2020-2021
President Ron then handed the meeting to Chris DeGabriele to introduce the new Club Officers for 2020-2021.
Treasurer: Will transition from Jim Bates to Debbie Brusatori and Jim being Co-Treasurers
Secretary: Reggie Winner
Club Administration: Craig Anderson
Membership: Christina Stroeh will remain to be Chair and Sonia Seeman will be co-chair
Public Image: Mike Morrissey
Speaker Chair: Gary Bramon
The Rotary Foundation Chair: Jorg Puhr-Westerheide
Nova-Ro Corporation: Burt Hoffman
Novato Rotary Endowment: Bill Vespa
Chris DeGabriele provided strawberry jam to our new Officers as welcoming gifts, together with Rotary pins. This year’s theme is “ Rotary Opens Opportunities”.
Frank Bruno then led Chris and the new Board Members to swear to fulfill their responsibilities.
Ron gave his personal thoughts on being our Club President: “It isn’t about me, it’s about you.”
Ron persuades the rest of our Club members to consider taking the Presidential Challenge. If you think you can not be President of this Club, you are wrong. After all, George Bush & Donald Trump proved that anyone can be President, and now I’ll add my name to that list…
For years Ron didn’t think he could do it. But after attending various RI Conventions, he saw the true power of Rotary as an International force to bring about positive change in the world. RI can only be strong if the 33,000 local Clubs are strong.
Rotary has also created an environment that will develop the skills you need to be a Club President. You won’t find a more supportive crowd anywhere. “Being President of this Club will expand your world. It’s been an exciting two years and my honor and privilege to lead this Club.”
Ron then handed the Rotary Club of Novato to our new Club President, Chris Degabriele.
Chris first thanked his wife Joni sitting in on this meeting. He also gave thanks for the opportunity to be our Club President. He joined the Rotary Club of Novato in 1991, and finally accepted to be our President. Chris will continue to utilize Zoom meetings and hopes by later this year we will either be back to Margaret Todd or the Jonas Center. Chris then recognized the people who are involved in Jonas Center and hope it will be a big event when it opens. 
Currently, the Falzon TGIF and Tocolino BBQ events are canceled this year, however Chris initiated the idea of getting small groups people together (such as birthday breakfasts) as monthly social events. He also asked everyone to help to grow our Club by getting 10 names from your friends, colleagues, and competitors and to invite 5 of them to join our meeting.  Finally, Christhanked us for the privilege to be our Club President. 
Before the end of the meeting, Phil Dougherty shared that he saw two “Ron H’s” on the Zoom screen. It turned out Dean Heffelfinger was impersonating Ron and gave a different farewell speech.
This Ron said “Going back decades, the Debunking has always been the highlight of the year. I should be the center of the attention. I thought there should be a roast, but people thought it was the Tocolino BBQ!!! And I can’t remember how many time I forgot the raffles”  Well, it is nice we finally get rid of this “Ron”…
Chris wished us all a Happy July 4th and reminded us that our  next meeting will be on July 10.
The Winner
The 25er raffle winner was Jim Botko.