Sep 06, 2019
🚀Ken Winans
Novato Space Museum

As life-long space enthusiast, Ken and Debbie Winans have been able to amass one of the largest private collections of U.S., Russian and Soviet space exploration artifacts. These items range from a full size Gemini capsule boilerplate to items carried to the moon on the Apollo missions. As their “moon room” became an increasingly popular attraction for friends and family visiting their home, they were asked to make presentations to local schools.

In 2002, they founded The W Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the public education of the history and future benefits of space exploration through public exhibits of their collection. Many of these items are on permanent display at The Chabot Space & Science Center and The USS Hornet Museum and The Space Station Museum.

In 2011, they established a new museum called, “The Space Station” in Novato, CA.

Kenneth Grant Winans is an investment management entrepreneur, a renowned author, an avid collector and an active philanthropist