Aug 23, 2019 12:15 PM
✈️Kaze Morrissey
CHP"s Air Operations

Golden Gate Div. CHP Air Operations

I will be explaining the function of the California Highway Patrol air operations, from the state level down to the division level. Covering the types of aircraft we deploy along with their unique missions and how we assist our department, other agencies, along with the public at large. 

Born in Thailand, but raised in the Bay Area, I had always dreamed of becoming a professional pilot. Finally earning my Private Pilot license in 2004 and my Commercial license in 2008, I started my path as many pilots do by becoming a flight instructor. This quickly opened up opportunities to then move into aerial surveying and charter work. Eventually I wanted to seek out something more fulfilling and joined the California Highway Patrol in 2012, working in Compton and Redwood City, until 2014 when I had the opportunity to join the CHP Golden Gate Division Air Operations unit becoming a fixed wing pilot and then adding the title of instructor for the unit a few years later.