June 19, 2020
Vol. 71, No. 37
Peian Harness
In the Beginning…
President Ron called the meeting to order. He hopes the participants are at the right Zoom meeting place and reminded everyone today is National “Kissing day” ~~~ but no more kissing due to Covid-19.
Larry Harrison led the Pledge followed by Maggie’s Shao’s ‘Thought of the Day’: “What did the left eye say to the right eye? Between you and me, something smells.” Following that, Maggie gave us three more jokes.
Visiting Rotarians & Guests
John Reuscher (from Novato Sunrise Club), along with Joy FillmanRoberta DunhamVicky McDillDiane SpilmanKathy Ketron, and Homa’s grandkids, Sophia and Eli.
Larry Harrison gave a personal shout out to President Ron for running our Zoom meetings during this difficult time.
Presindent Ron also thanked Larry for being Assistant District Governor this year which is not an easy job either.
Frank’s Trivia Time!
After that Frank Bruno jumped right into the Trivia.  There were 5 categories of questions and each group had 4 questions.
Question 1: History
1) How many stripes does the US flag have?
2) Which invention revolutionized trade in America?
3) Which state in the US has the shortest ocean coastline?
4) Which President purchased the Louisiana Territory from France?
Answer: 13 / The Steamboat / New Hampshire / Thomas Jefferson
Question 2: Sports
1) What 3 movements are required for an athlete to successfully complete a triple jump?
2) In bowling, what do you call it when a player makes three back to back strikes?
3) A sporting event is held every year on Memorial Day. What is it?
4) What was the nickname of US Olympic sprinter Florence Griffth-Joyner?
Answer: Hop, Step and Jump / A turkey / The Indianapolis 500 / Flo Jo
Question 3: Movies
1) Which movie was the title song “ The Eye of the Tiger” from?
2) Who or what was the first female monster to appear in a movie?
3) In the movie, “The left handed gun”, Paul Newman played who?
4) What was the name of Tom Cruise’s first box office film?
Answer: Rocky III / The Bride of Frankenstein / Billy the Kid / Risky Business
Question 4:  TV Programs
1) Before the starring in the hit TV series “ Baywatch”, David Hasselhoff starred as a crime fighter in what 80’s TV show ?
2) In homage to his native city, Tom Selleck’s character in “Magnum P.I.” wears a baseball cap of what team?
3) Merv Griffin cited that roulette and the game of hangman was an inspiration for what TV show?
4) In the TV sitcom “Laverne & Shirley”, what was the name of the fictitious Milwaukee Brewery?
Answer: Knight Rider / Detroit Tigers / Wheel of Fortune / Shotz Brewery
Question 5: Disneyland Park
1) What’s the name of the Tomorrowland ride based somewhat on Disney’s version of “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”?
2) In what year did Disney California Adventure open?
3) What area in the park is Club 33 located?
4) What monster lives in the Matterhorn ride?
Answer: The submarine voyage / 2001 / New Orleans Square / The Abominable snowman
The winner goes to Maggie Shao who got 12 correct answers which beat Dean Heffelfinger who got 11 correct answers.
Frank promised that he will give the key of a non-existing car to Maggie next time when he sees her.
President Ron thanked Frank for doing the Trivia which is the most popular game for our Club.
Russ introduced our speaker who is our lovely member Homa Rassouli.
Homa was born in October, 1955 and grew up at Tehran, Iran. Homa has four siblings and she is the youngest. She had a great childhood with 100 cousins. At that time, it was safe and free, and she was able to go to disco dances to have some fun. Homamentioned that school was hard and after graduating from high school, she went to business school. Homa met her husband who later got a scholarship to have the chance to come to United States. They were married in 1974 and came to US and lived Oklahoma.
One year right before Christmas, they decided to drive all the way to Pennsylvania and decided to move there. Later on they moved to Los Angeles. Life was a bit challenging at that time, and they went through a tough time. While living in Los Angeles, they had three children and decided they didn’t want to raise them there. That’s how they finally ended up in the Bay Area. 
Homa mentioned that in the late 1980’s, Iran went through a revolution and lots of Homa’s family were killed during that time. Due to the rough time then, Homa hasn’t been back to Iran for 30 years and applied for asylum in US. 
Homa then shared some old pictures, including her wedding photo, along with early school and family photos including her children and grand children. 
Gary asked what Homa was doing back in Los Angeles? Homa said at that time, she was involved in protesting to get Khomeini out of Iran.
Joy asked about the relationship between the US and Iran? Homa replied she prefers that the US stays away and doesn’t support Iran.
Moses asked if in 1955 they try to get rid of Mosaddegh, but Homa mentioned she wasn’t born yet. 
Thank you, Homa for sharing your very interesting life story.
Rotary International Convention
President Ron reminded us that tomorrow is the Rotary International Convention (On-line only) and invited everyone to check it out.
Installation of Officers
Next Friday, June 26 is our Installation of Officers meeting. There won’t be a speaker. Please come to the Zoom meeting to celebrate the end and beginning of new Rotary year.
The Winner
The 25er goes to Reggie Winner, AGAIN and she decided to pass on someone else.
The 2nd winner goes to Suzanne Bales