In the Beginning…
Past President Dennis Hagerty, subbing for President Ron Harness, opened by calling on John Cutrufelli for the Pledge. Recent birthday boy Ben Borok gave the ‘Thought for the day’ -  “No matter how high or great the throne, what sits on it’s the same as your own!”
Visitors & Guests
No visiting Rotarians, but lots of guests. David Jones brought Beth, his real estate property manager while Brad Williams brought wife Kathy. Gary Bramon brought wife Toni, and Art Crofts stood to introduce the love of PP Dennis life, wife Gilda.
Sunshine Report
Concerning sunshine, Dean Heffelfinger mentioned that  Donna Falzon will know biopsy results soon.
Bev Poole is missing meetings due to asthma issues.
Sadly, Diane Spilman just lost her mother.
Polenta, Polenta, Polenta
SUPERBOWL BOARD - Frank Bruno has 13 more squares available on the Superbowl board.  $40 per square but after a complicated math explanation there will be double the winners (8), so get those squares blocked before they sell out!
AUCTION ITEMS NEEDED - Patti Hurst is asking for Polenta auction donations by Jan 17th. Be creative and think outside the box.  Some of the items are a Jared Geoff signed jersey and Mike Morrissey offering a dinner at his home. With all the talent and energy in this Club, should be all kinds of great auction items.
SPONSORSHIPS NEEDED- Gary Bramon, speaking for Bill Vespa, is asking for sponsorship checks. Last year sponsorships earned $21,600, so lets break the record for this year.  
DESSERTS NEEDED - Tiffany Fisher is asking for 20 home made deserts.  Again, a great money maker for Polenta.
SET UP REMINDER - Craig McCurdy reminded us set up is February 1st at 9:00 a.m. at Our Lady of Loretto Hall.  
GET YOUR TICKETS! -  Chris DeGabriele is selling tickets.  This event sells out so get those tickets purchased!!
Guess the Mystery Rotarian!
On to PP Dennis Hagerty’s favorite meeting activity. Guess the mystery Rotarian!
The key to the answers below are the questions as follows.
ONE - What did you want to be when you grew up
TWO - First paid job 
First up, Penny Hansen, Rotarian extraordinaire!  She wanted to be a forest ranger and her first job was working for the city of San Francisco, Park and Rec department. She lied about her age to get the job, starting at age 12. There she met her life guard husband turned fire fighter and had been married for 47 years. Penny also disclosed she was a court appointed special advocate, working with kids who had a parent in jail. Penny also served on the grand jury for a year. 
Next mystery Rotarian…
Some hints. Visited 19 countries this year and over all has visiting 72 countries. Penny guessed Mike Morrissey…wrong.  Trish Tabayoyon was next up to guess. She wanted to be a nurse and her first job was working in a video store. Trish is now a realtor. She guessed Larry Harrison to the clue has attended 16 Rotary conventions and 20 district conferences. Nope
Next up to guess was Larry Mazzotta. Yes he always wanted to be a doctor. Until he got his MD he worked construction. He has retired as a Gastroenterologist.  Next hint on the MR. Has attended 60 Club meetings in nine different countries. Larry guessed Al Angulo… nope. Holly Axtell is the Mystery Rotarian that matches all the clues.
Holly has been a District Governor and wanted to be a state department office. At age 13 Holly also lied about her age and got a job over Christmas folding clothes for a department store. Holly had a career training and planning for large federal agencies.
Holly was up to guess and the new hint was who was born in Guam. Mike Howard wanted to be an auto mechanic and first job was working in a bakery. Mike is a Novato police officer in charge of personel services.
Next hint - the Mystery Rotarian has two degrees, 4 professional designations, and 9 licenses. Nope not Marty Wickenheiser. Next up to guess Tiffany Fisher.  Tiffany wanted to be a dance teacher and her first job was a paper girl. She now works as a RN.  Hint… he met the Beatles back stage at the Indiana fairgrounds in 64.  Tiffany correctly guessed John Ringgenberg. He stated he has all 4 beatles autographs from that meeting, and no, he isn’t donating that to the Polenta auction!
The last Mystery Rotarian has 42 years in Marin, same business, no not George Estes who has been at it 41 years. Next up Rosanna Chennette who wanted to be a judge or an actor. Money Tree Yogurt was her first job. Now she is a lawyer. Next hint, this Mystery Rotarian has been in the Club 15 years.  Katie Chase was next up to guess. She wanted to be a bus driver.  Real job hostessing at the Black Bear Diner. She started in accounting and is now a State Farm Agent.
Hint the Mystery Rotarian loves to cook and help others.  Katie guessed it… John Cutrufelli!  Dennis gave John his own copy of a painting of the Rotary clock on Grant for all that John has done for the Club.  
Wow the things we learn in the game of Mystery Rotarian!!
The Speaker
On to the entertainment. Sandy Geller, who plays in the same band as Dennis Hagerty, teaches voice and piano at Marin Music on Grant Avenue.  She mentioned she always wanted to be a singer and the first job was grocery cashier. 
The topic today was Stephen Sondheim.  Before launching into gorgeous song, she explained who and why Sondheim was who he was. He was mentored by Oscar Hammerstein, Songs sung by Sandy included Send in the Clowns, music from “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.” It was a great way to start our new decade of 2020.