In the Beginning…
Designated Greeter Don Violin welcomed us. A revitalization spreads through our Rotary Club meeting room, and as predicted, the cooler days of Autumn’s promise of leaves orange, red and gold breaks for a hot weekend. Growing up in San Francisco we called it “earthquake weather.” Saturday’s 3.6 rumble was a reminder of the “myth?”
Beverly Pool led the Pledge of Allegiance and was honored for her relentless organization and distribution of Dictionaries to Novato schools for years with a muscular crew. Art Crofts will lead the Annual Distribution to our Novato school children with Tom Young and many others. I can recommend this project as a very rewarding way to interact with the kids and see their joy of learning how to use their very own reference book. It is loaded with color illustrations and of substantial weight.
Holly Axtell quoted Dr. Margaret Meade for our thought for the day “…measure success in terms of contributions… just remember that you are absolutely unique, just like everyone else.”
The “guest list” evaporated so I am “winging it.” Pat Eklund introduced Adam Watts. Brad Dillion, Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, Marin MOCA Board member Brad is inviting us to October 19 5-7, Museum Tour with Wine and Cheese introduced by Community Service Director Jim Spillman and Membership Director Christina Stroeh. Lou Bartolini and Doug Murray of San Rafael Rotary said their Rotary Club was started in 1922 and meets at Marin Yacht Club on Monday.
New Member Presentation
New member Tricia Tabayoyon, Hawaiian born, impressed us with her power point biography with family photos from toddling in the sand to marriage to Michael on the San Francisco Bay. She believes in PMA, Positive Mental Attitude. She is interested in the great Pacific Garbage Patch that is hurting sea creatures and the degraded plastic particles polluting the ocean as a future environmental project. She is with Marin Association of Realtors, husband Michael with Allied Restoration and 5.5-month-old Avery May who has attended several meetings.
Women of Rotary Summit
Christina Stroeh announced the “Women of Rotary Summit” Mantra Winery on Grant Ave.  on Thursday, October 10, from 5-6:30, $20 per person. All Rotary women are invited. RSVP to
Non-Spaghetti Thanks!
Bill and Vicki McDill were thanked for hosting a social, Non-Spaghetti Feed on September 27.
Meal Packing Event
PP Larry Harrison reminded us of the Saturday, October 12 event to pack 10,150 dehydrated meals at the Hill Middle School Gym next to our meeting building at 10:00 AM.
Help Needed for
Rotary Books and Art Around Town
Alan Dunham asked for help with “Rotary Books and Art Around Town” at the October 26 “Scream on the Green” Rotary booth in front of the Novato City Hall. He needs help from 10:00 - 4:00 to help youngsters with craft project and selecting donated books for all age levels.
Rotary Foundation
Patti Hurst, Director of The Rotary Foundation is collecting funds. $200 per member is suggested.
The Speaker
Guest Speakers and well-traveled “Kimo” Jim Becker and Mikel Cook explained “Global Offsite Care”, a Cyber aspect to instruction and practice of Doctors in isolated areas using a system of Teleconsultants and global electronic records. This system helps overcome hardship of rough travel and time that impedes advancing health care through a cyber connection system of communication with the medical  communities using the internet. It allows instructional Global Grand Rounds along with Global Telemedicine. Kimo explained that as a HOST at the International Rotary Convention in Waikiki this year, he hopes to set up a booth explaining the potential of this system to all attendees.
The Winner 
Raffle winner: Dr. Laurence Mazzotta.