November 8, 2019
Vol. 71, No. 16
Les S. More
Veteran’s Day Weekend
Da Prez rang da bell and Marine Veteran, Tiffany Fischer, led us in the Pledge.
Marine veteran, Bob Caro, read the “Thought for the Day” given twelve years ago by the late Past Prez Peter Fulchiron, also a Marine veteran: The motto of the Marine Corps is “Semper Fidelis”, translation… “Always Faithful”.
Therefore, following the Marine Corps motto, let  all of us always be faithful to the men and women who have served our Country honorably.
Let us all be faithful to the men and women who are presently serving our Country and the many who are now in harms way… We pray for their safe return to their families.
There is a small plaque on Iwo Jima which is a tribute to the men and women who gave their all for our Country. The inscription reads “When you go home, tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow, we gave our today”. God Bless our veterans and God Bless America.
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
Yes, the announcements. There were so many people standing up front, I thought it was a police line-up (number three did it!)
•           Sylvia Barry… Veterans Day Celebration at City Hall Saturday morning.
•           Peian Harness… Please fill out questionnaires on tables.
•           Jim Spilman… Next Friday (11/15/19) tape MarinMOCA for painting and take off tape Sunday (11/17/19).
•           Sonia Seeman… Update on Donna Falzon. She just had operation yesterday and will be in the hospital until next week, then rehab for a long time.
•           Larry Harrison… Party for Rotarians at his house on December 6th (no meeting that day). Bring an unwrapped toy for a tot.
•           Craig McCurdy… Polenta Feed February 1.
•           Patti Hurst… Rotary Foundation Event next Saturday, November 16. Today is the last chance to buy Raffle Tickets.
•           Marsha Molloy… The Holiday Brunch is Sunday, December 16.
           John Cutrufelli…Car Wash this Sunday.
Visiting Rotarians
Lynn Dawson came all the way from the Denver Rotary Club. Former Mayor, Col. Bill Cope joined us from Ignacio Rotary Club while Ted Witten came from Wine Country North Napa Rotary Club. Last, but not least, Sylvia Barry was here from Novato Sunrise.
Guests Who?
Mike Morrissey introduced his friend Jon Olson, while Russ did so for Kathy KetronGary Bramon brought enough guests to make up a platoon, including Knut Sjovik, originally from Norway. He also introduced Bill BrandfieldJim C. KuplerFaith Alusher and Don FosittiGary then introduced former member Lynn Perry and his wife Norma. Finally he introduced Carol Hills, wife of our speaker, Parker, and his much, much better half Toni.
Then John Ringgenberg introduced Brook Catltlignan, who appears to be his main squeeze. Finally (Hones, finally) Alan Dunham introduced his bride Roberta and their next door neighbor, Kay Jones… No, she doesn’t belong to Dave.
The Speaker
Gary Bramon introduced Parker Hills, a retired Army General who told us about the Civil War Battle of Vicksburg, Mississippi. General Hills began by saying human nature played a major part in every war including the Civil War. The General stated that leadership played the most important ingredient in winning wars and battles. The General stated that leadership consisted of seven parts:
1. Responsibility
2. Integrity
3. Courage (physically and moral)
4. Humanity
5. Discipline
6. Intelligence
7. Perseverance
General Hills added that leadership was top down. The General related these characteristics to General Grant and decisions Grant made which led to his victory over Vicksburg. Grant demonstrated all of these characteristics. Such as when he lost his dentures (false teeth) he showed perseverance by staying with his troops and having his dentist come to him in Mississippi.
Grant practiced “Coup d’ Oeil”, which is knowing what to do and courage to do it. Most of his officers, including General Sherman advised him to go back to Memphis and wait for good weather to come back to Vicksburg. Grant showed moral and physical courage by not listening to his naysayers and continued his approach to Vicksburg. Grant did have one major problem and it was booze (demon liquor). But he had a Lt. Col. who kept him from being a drunkard.
Jim Botko won the $25 while Al Angulo won the back table pool which was close to $30.