February 7, 2020
Vol. 71, No. 25

Editor: Alan Dunham

In The Beginning
President Ron Harness called the meeting to order.
Phil Brown led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
Jay Wayne’s ‘Thought for the Day’, “As we age, days go by fast as the spool at the end of toilet paper.”
Guests and Visitors
Guests included: Kathy Ketron with RussLaurie Dougherty with PhilAlison Healy with Rob Marshall; and Ed Ross with Lisa Pasquinelli.
Visiting Rotarians: Dennis Bentley and Bruce Goines from Novato Sunrise; and Barbie Hernandez from Ignacio.
Dave Jones reported that Joyce Palmer is recovering at Smith Ranch Rehab from a fall that injured her hip.
Special Report on Chinese New Year
Peian Harness shared numerous interesting traditions and superstitions connected with Chinese New Year. This year is the Year of the Rat. The Chinese year is based on a lunar calendar. Some of the traditions include who you marry, when to clean your house, foods to eat, when to work and not to work, etc. Thanks Peian, very interesting.
Grab Some Wine
Patti Hurst said there are 19 bottles of wine left from the Wine Grab at the Polenta Feed. If you are interested, see Patti.
Job Shadow Day
Dave Jones said plans are developing for the Job Shadow Day to be held on Friday, April 24.
Polenta Feed Report
Jim Spilman reported for Craig McCurdy that the Polenta Feed grossed over $60,000. Net figure will be reported after all expenses are paid.
Rotary International Convention
Russ Ketron noted that this year’s International Convention will be in Hawaii from June 6-10. It is sure to be a sellout so sign up soon.
Rotary Social Recital Event
Peian Harness invited members to a recital this Sunday at her home.
Super Bowl Winnings
Frank Bruno distributed winnings of the Super Bowl Board. 
SPARK Program
Alan Dunham announced our members will soon actively participate in the SPARK program at North Marin Community Services (formerly Novato Youth Center) that our Club supports financially. Members now have an opportunity to share their career journeys to help stimulate middle school students’ interest so that they will take courses in high school that lead to their career of choice. Tiffany Fischer, Nurse and Jim Bates, Bio-Chemist will be our first members to participate.
District Assembly amd District Convention
Ron Harness noted the upcoming District Assembly will be held on Saturday, March 21. Members are urged to attend to support next year’s President Chris DeGabriele.
The District Convention, May 5-9 will be on a cruise ship during its travel from San Francisco to Vancouver.
Gary Bramon will be going to Spring Training.
Lloyd Pittman has been traveling, and working.
Warren Glass has busy days, has stopped ice skating, has four daughters and is now a proud grandfather.
Dennis Hagerty will be visiting his home in Colorado and will be enjoying temperatures in the high 20s and 15 degrees at night.
Maggie Shao introduced Bill Tyler, Fire Chief of the Novato Fire Department. He discussed the fire dangers in Novato and plans for Evacuation and Notification. Novato has been divided into 35 neighborhoods. Educational training sessions will be held for each neighborhood describing evacuation routes and available services. Rotarians in the Clubs in Novato will be asked to help distribute informative literature to the residents. Sign up for AlertMarin.org and Nixle.com to be notified of emergencies. 
The Winner
Kathy Ketron was this week’s winner.
Ed note: The recital at Ron and Peian Harness’s home Sunday afternoon was a wonderful new experience and showcased some unknown talents like Jorg on the harmonica.