August 9, 2019
Editor- Penny Hansen

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Tricia Tabayoyonand baby Avery May.

New member Rosanna Chenette gave Theodore Roosevelts’s inspirational speech: 

Excerpt: “there is no effort without error…who spends their self in a worthy cause; who at the best knows the in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if they fail, at least fails while daring greatly….”

Guests of Rotarians Toni Bramon and Traci Lanlerintroduced by Gary. Chris Harrison with Larry. Nohemi brought her grandchildren, Antonio and Eliza. Phil Dougherty introduces Maggie Chao.

Craig Anderson and team raised $7,000 for Cancer research in the annual “Relay for Life.”

The original Deer Camp of the annual Tocalino BBQ with the Marsha Molloy and crew at the Bar and Chef Thorsson filled the surroundings with aroma with Beef on the grill. An Oak tree wooded experience reminiscent of Summer Camp around a campfire.

Three Scholarship Awards were presented by Burt Hoffman to Sebastian Dow, Trisha Panganiban and Eliza Roesler. See photos.

Sunshine Report Dennis Baldwin was in a traffic accident. Donna Falzon fell and revisited the operating room for her do-over. Robin Bruno had a lengthy surgery to aid her ability to sit and stand. Frank is by her side learning details to make her life more comfortable. 

Grace Wong was honored for her membership since 1995 and especially for sponsoring Ron and PeianHarness in 2010.

New Member Induction of Joy Kay. She gave a brief personal history. Mother of 5 children, she is from Zimbabwe. She moved to North Carolina and achieve her Master’s in Social Services with emphasis on children and the elderly. I confess, all I know of Zimbabwe is Victoria Falls. We now have a way to learn more from Joy-Kay as we help her with the many challenges of our country.

Ironically, world explorer Mike Morrissey, as a video documentarian, who goes to places where people are in desperate need and receiving help from good Samaritans. Mike just returned from East Coast Islands near Kenya and described life of women digging in sand and hauling water for 6 hours a day in a Maasai  (Masai) Village where a water system was being installed and described the societal impact to the Village by offering a less primitive way to get cleaner water thereby allowing women time to be with their children and to make handcrafts to sell.

Chairman of World Committee spoke of upcoming projects involving water to hospitals with 2 Hospital H2O Open Door water filtration systems. And the installation of a portable/remote WiFi system for school children called RACHEL.

Reggie introduces our Gust Speaker Katherine Anderson from Copperfields Books in Novato. She told of many items in the store and a Novato section for tourists. They also have some fabulous knee-high socks. 

Chairman of the Community Committee mentioned a grocery list of activities we support throughout the year, including pulling Weeds with Marty at Los Robles Senior Mobile Home Park.